Someplace Wild Street Style #3: Mya

Here is the third of several photo shoots encompassing my 2014 personal work. This entire Someplace Wild Street Style series is based off of one question: 

If you closed your eyes to the opinions, judgments and prejudices of others, how would you display your own unique personal style?

I asked several friends/models with contrasting styles to find a few outfits that best describe their answer to this question. To read more about the purpose of this project click here.

Here is Mya, a super hip 19-year-old cosmetologist who I met in passing at Zoe's Kitchen (true story). She loves skater skirts, high tops, pops of electric color and high-waisted everything (pulling it all off oh-so-well). She is also a new friend who I can't wait to work with again in the future!

Hair & Makeup by Elle Shaughnessy