Someplace Wild Street Style #2 : Lindsey

Here is the second of several photo shoots encompassing my 2014 personal work. As you can tell from her clothing, these photos were taken back in February. I have had little to no time to edit all these fun fashion-inspired shoots and it's been killing me!

This entire Someplace Wild Street Style series is based off of one question: 

If you closed your eyes to the opinions, judgments and prejudices of others, how would you display your own unique personal style?

To read more about the purpose of this project click here.

I asked several friends/models with contrasting styles to find a few outfits that best describe their answer to this question. 

Here is Lindsey, a world traveler who's commitment to people and adventure contributes to her awesomely eclectic style. She loves cultural pieces, lots of color and anything she can throw on during her outdoor adventures. Best of all, she is an incredible friend to all she meets and one my favorite people on earth. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hair & Makeup by Elle Shaughnessy