“Giving the people what they want isn’t nearly as powerful as teaching people what they need. There’s always a shortcut available, a way to be a little more ironic, cheaper, more instantly understandable. There’s the chance to play into our desire to be entertained and distracted regardless of the cost. Most of all, there’s the temptation to encourage people to be selfish, afraid, and angry. Or you can dig in, take your time, and invest in a process that helps people see what they truly need. When we change our culture in this direction, we’re doing work that’s worth sharing.”  -Seth Godin

First, deep breath. Let's hop on the phone Tuesday and chat through timing! The worst thing we could do is get too regimented and stress out all involved. There needs to be a sense of "flow" so that moments can happen. You would be shocked to see how many images come out of a small time frame. :)

I appreciate you sending those images over but beware of thinking too much into what it will look like. Your day will unfold magically and just the way it's intended. Having preconceived ideas of how it will all look can cause angst (i.e. -- red dress in the forrest) and the best you can do for yourself, your friends and family is to be present! Wedding day is far more reactive shooting which is why it is the BEST! 

"I know you got this but again that seems like no time at all!"


Just remember, I have shot over 90 weddings and have a bit more of an understanding of how these work than most ;). A big part of getting the best out of your photographer is fostering trust! I am here to document your true and meaningful story and yes -- WE GOT THIS! :)

Remember that we have 7 hours coverage to work from. If you want, you can send me any bit of a timeline you've finalized and I'll get to thinking before our call. 




How can I write out what I feel so deeply? It is like a sickness of the stomach that comes out in inspiration! It's crazy I guess. That I feel this way but dang is it who I am.

I am inspired by mood, heart, relationships, languages, the world. Pockets of light in the wilderness, rain on a train window. lush green rolling hills and instrumental music. The idea of what family could be if mine was fucked. Emotional highs and lows. A long hug. 

I want to create cinematic work. The kind of look that feels nostalgic. Timelessness. Storied works that will stand the test of time. I want it to challenge me. Press me to be better. How can I study old films to understand how to document life better. 


Someplace Wild is a collective of photographers based in Atlanta, San Francisco & New York City specializing in adventure weddings and artistic portraiture.

Traveling photographers who document adventure weddings and tell stories of creative humans. Based in Atlanta, San Francisco and New York City. Available for travel worldwide.



Traveling photographers based in ATL, SF and NYC.
We focus on intimate and emotionally raw imagery for adventurous folks.

Someplace Wild is a collective of traveling photographers based in ATL, SF and NYC.
We primarily focus on emotionally raw imagery for adventurous folks.
Let's go someplace wild...


A dear friend texted me this morning after viewing my film of Ronny Haberer and Kristin Haberer in Germany: "it's something crazy. when i watched it, i felt like more of a whole person. you remind me of what matters with your work.

Even with so much brokenness in my life with family and such, you made me want to make a family like that. Work hard for it. Even if it hurts.

There are few people that have this kind of storytelling power. I hope you are in a place of reveling in the beauty you are creating."

this is one of the highest compliments I have received in my life. it's easy to lose sight of the meaning behind what we do - how it affects people, which is often unseen. it's easy to lose yourself to the ego - to the social media machine, exposure, fame... all those dopamine hits.

what we do has the potential for lasting impact. are you creating for meaning, for beauty, for rawness, for the human spirit? or are you creating to be trendy, to be perfect, to twist reality? do you spend more time working on presets than creating meaningful interactions with clients? a real emotional connection will always win over what your green and yellow hues are.

this is a reminder to myself as well.

i shot this video entirely handheld, on a brand new camera without any stabilization. i had one 35mm lens. i didn't have time to worry about the proper picture profile styles, bitrate, skin tones, etc. and i will be forever grateful for that reminder - good storytelling trumps all. i left the shakiness, the rolling-shutter, the out of focus shots, the audio that normally would have been removed (hello walking on crunchy leaves in the middle of a ceremony).

if you've never seen it, i realize it's long, but I put all my heart into this - I think it's the essence of what I'm chasing as an artist.

i needed the reminder from my friend this morning, and maybe you do too. remember what matters in this life. you can't take anything with you when it's over.

We are storytellers and desire to tell your truth. We embrace honesty and practice empathy. We see beauty in all things, especially darkness. Happiness is not always bright, nor is sadness always dark. We see the juxtaposition that is life (past all our of pretenses and facades) and preserve it for generations to come. We encourage you to let go and embrace the chaos.  We hope that our imagery makes you feel something. It's about HUMAN CONNECTION. It's bigger than us. We challenge the status quo.  We want you to feel seen. Heard. Comfortable in your skin. Alive. Free.