WILD.  Free.  Emotive.  Nostalgic.  Timeless.  Spiritual.  Natural.  Cinematic.
CREATING Without boundaries.  ENCOURAGING A sense of wonder.  Evoking feeling and meaning.




Hey guys, its Christina. I live about 30 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia with my lovely filmmaker husband Tony. We run a neighborhood creative studio called Roswell Collective that is serving the artist community outside the city.

Someplace Wild® means so much to me. The name/vision came to me in 2009  just when I needed it most; a season where I lived in a sea of conformity and lacked true connection to any of my surroundings. This imagined "wilderness" of sorts set me free.  It taught me to see the beauty of my story and to appreciate it even in total darkness. I've been charged to document life through photopgahy in a way that's intimately mine. Each time I take a photograph, it is a true healing experience. I get to express such a deep part of my story simply by capturing yours.

My approach to photography is all about  H U M A N   C O N N E C T I O N . Let's strive for something powerful, real, and raw with less posed perfection. If you are the type of person that can let go of control and allow for artistic collaboration, I am your girl. Let's do this. Email me christina {at} someplacewild.com.




Even though she's attracted to mood and unique light, Farrah has an ultra sunny disposition and laid back personality. She searches for the beauty in each day (sometimes she will even leave our studio early just to go outside and find it). She honors anyone she meets with total presence in interest which definitely comes across in her photography.  

Farrah completed a somewhat rigorous six-month mentoring season in August where we married SW's approach with her personal style and vision. I am excited that she is booking adventure sessions & weddings for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. For weddings, please inquire via the form found here